Learn how to DIY your own PR and social media to grow your brand + business!
  • Easy To Follow: Our course was designed to be easily digestible and break down the elements of PR - from media outreach, case studies, awards to social media both organic and paid.
  • Hands-On Workbooks: Each module comes with an accompanying workbook to allow you to build a strategy and plan as you go.
  •  Go At Your Pace: You'll never lose access to the course, so take your time - or do it all at once! 
What's inside the Master Class? 
PR + Social Media Master Class 
Ten modules packed with time-tested strategies for:
  •  Public relations
  • Media outreach + pitching
  • Case studies + awards
  •  Social media - paid + organic
 = all the tools you need to attract new customers
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You want to use the media and online platforms to grow your business - you just need to know where to start. 
The PR + Social Media Master Class puts over 20 years of learning into an easy to digest format and gives you access to tools and tricks to do it yourself! 

Maybe you don't want to pay a consultant to help jumpstart your efforts - this course can help you and your staff learn what to do and save $$$

Sneak Peek Inside!
Learn Successful Strategies
Learn who the audiences are for each platform and find easy ways to get your profile started!
Build Your 
Get the right strategies for posting engaging content and building a solid community on each platform.
Generate business
Find out why social media can often be the first place customers hear your name - and how to turn your profiles into lead funnels.

Who is Caster Communications?

Caster Communications is a modern public relations, marketing and social media agency specializing in helping electronics and technology clients expand their global reach.

We’re smart. Nimble. Driven by strategy. And absolutely committed to making a real difference in our clients’ business.

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